30 November 2014

Monthly Look Back (November,2014)

This is the last Monthly Look Back of this year.
In in the last weeks of december I won't have any time to write since I am busy with family and the holidays.

I will publish my review of Pix the Cat as I promised in the last Monthly look back.
So look forward seeing it here soon.

Next to that I will do one other blog article this year.
I have had the PS Tv (PSVita Tv) for around 2 weeks now and I would like to share my opinion on this new console.

As always enjoy the list and until next time.

Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4) 100% 54%
For those that know me, I am Killzone fan at heart.
So its only natural for me that I come back for more Killzone.
In this month I watch my brother complete the story.
Which I found less entertaining than my previous playthroughs.
And I must admit that find this story of all the killzone games the weakest.

I have also played some more multiplayer to simply enjoy the fine experience of the fight.
I have been grinding on the Sniper class to get a trophy related to this class.
Also for those that have not yet seen the news about the new patch.
Killzone Shadow Fall is getting a currency system similar to Killzone mercenaries in the multiplayer.
There is a video on Twitch but as may know that video will be gone soon.
So watch it here before it's gone. http://www.twitch.tv/killzoneofficial/b/592642253

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3) 100% 54%
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax came out here in the EU way faster than the previous Persona 4 Arena.
And I am happy they did.
The game it self is a huge improvement on the previous one.
The story is more linear and the combat system still feels like a natural thing.
Even with the changes they made.
I can't say this enough but the Persona 4 Arena combat system is so easy to learn and to enjoy even for a noob like me.

Luftrausers (PSVita) 14%
I can't say much about Luftrausers except that it is a enjoyable game.
Its pretty straight forward shoot, die en retry.

I played Luftrausers on the PS Tv and have yet to try it on the Vita.
I can say for sure that this game looks and plays great on the PS Tv.

Metrico (PSVita) 0% 0%

Metal Gear Solid 2 (PSVita) 25% 14%

Proteus (PS4, PS3) 0% 0%

Spelunky (PS4, PSVita, PS3) 9%
I bet many have said it before me but I am going to say it.
Spelunky is awesome.

I have been playing this allot vs other players.
But exploring the world with a friend is also really nice.

Also a pro tip for those that have a PS Tv.
You can play this game with 4 people on one PS Tv.

Worms Revolution Extreme (PSVita) 1% 2%
While I love Worms this game looks soooooo pixelated.
It's okay on the PSVita but on the PS Tv it looks really bad.
And thats to bad because I felt that this game would be totally at home on the PS Tv.

Besides the class system I find this game not that different.
But it is still enjoyable.

Pix The Cat (PS4) 23%

KNACK (PSVita) 55% 21%

OlliOlli (PSVita) 10% 0%

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3) 100% 68%
Back to the world of Ni no Kuni to defeat the ultimate boss.
And score a nice gold trophy.

While I am slowly grinding to the top to defeat the coliseum I felt tough enough to take him down.

I am disappointed that I have still not achieved Little Battler Experience and Glim Reaper.
There is no way to track how far I am.


The Unfinished Swan (PSVita) 100% 100%
Why is The Unfinished Swan 2 times on this list you ask.

Because I felt the need to play this game again.
And when I was done I was still in the mood for more.
So I just did everything again on the PSVita.

If you haven't played this seriously go play it.
It's fun experience.

Also check out this nice documentary here -> http://www.twitch.tv/playstation/c/5387943

Everybody's Golf
 (PSVita) 20% 5%

The Unfinished Swan (PS4) 100% 100%

Green % are story,  Purple % are trophy/achievements (android games are in  X / X view).

01 November 2014

Monthly Look Back (October,2014)

This month was fun.
I haven't played that much, but I did get allot of games out of the way.
First setting my Sound Shapes procentig back to 100% and second getting all trophies for Sportfriends.
Which I would love to play with a few friend any time soon.

Also thx to PS+ subscription I was introduced to game called Pix The Cat.
Which I spend way too much time getting a good high score on (not that good at it).
But I did enjoy the game on every moment I played it :P .

Pix The Cat (PS4) 23%
What happens when you mix Pacman and Snake in a blender.
You get Pix The Cat.
This high score based game is great to use as pitstop when you need to take a break from the game you're playing.
I found myself laughing from anger because I failed again and crashed, which F#@ up my high score.
None the less I come back for more and more :D .

While I find the ps4 version great and its the version with a multiplayer option.
I preferred the PSVita version over this one.
The only thing I found lacking on this game is a Cross-save function.

There is 2 other  modes also available to both version.
1 is a puzzle based version of the game and the other is a time based challenge mode.
The second one I still need to unlock.

I am probably sharing a little more about this game upcoming days in a form of a Review.

Sound Shapes (PSVita) 100% 100%

Sound Shapes (PS4) 100% 100%

Sound Shapes (PS3) 100% 100%

Sportsfriends (PS4, PS3) 100%
While I did not like all modes I found the game quite enjoyable to play.
I still need to pull a few friend over to really enjoy this game.
And when I have I will most definitely share a little more about this game.

Spelunky (PS4, PSVita, PS3) 9%

Dragon's Crown (PSVita) 70% 28%
I am rounding up the last quest that are available to me.
After that I am going to kill remaining bosses for there gems.
So that I can complete the game.

Although the game is really repetitive in the actions I must make.
Somehow I do like this slow and exploring feel the game offers me.
But I don't see my self playing the game again for the other characters alone.
Maybe with a friends.

Pix The Cat (PSVita) 23%

Angry Birds Stella (Android) 85% 20 / 31

WipEout 2048 (PSVita) 100% 53%
Simply re-enjoying the HD and Fury campaigns from a WipEout again but now on the Vita.
The maps still stunning on the Vita.

It's a shame that I won't see a PS4 version of the game.

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (PS4, PSVita) 15% 20%

Rainbow Moon (PS3, PSVita) 5% 1%

Now although I love the BlazeBlue games the lack of support to european gamers was really getting under my skin.
The game didn't even release in a few countries in europe, including the Netherland.
I have been asking why, since it's release.
And no one replied
Shame on you Playstation Blog EU and Arc System Works for leaving so much people in the dark.

So after the long time of complaining I was sick of it and just bought the US version of the game.
Damn I can't use dlc, but I didn't really care any way by that time.
I just wanted to play the main game.

I have been enjoying the game but still stuff like this bugs me to this day.

Green % are story,  Purple % are trophy/achievements (android games are in  X / X view).