22 June 2012

Gravity Rush Thoughts

Gravity Rush is one of the games I wanted before I could play it or even own a PSVita. (I bought one less than a month ago)
I love its world and story but i do agree that the combat can be sometimes repetitive and frustrating, but this is quickly ignored by everything else the game has to give. I really enjoy treversing the city using my gravity powers and it is interresting talking to people around the city of Heksville and completing challenges.
The story can be completed in only a few days, but this is also because i just wanted to explore and learn more about the story so much that it sucked me in and wanted to continue exploring, sadly the story left me with enough questions for a Gravity Rush 2.
The world is beautiful even wen the draw distance could have been better but i think it gives it a unique feel to the world.
I think that Gravity Rush is not the game for showing of the power of the Vita but it is a beautiful, technically impressive and a charming and that is really fun and must get for a vita user.

21 June 2012

Review PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is finally mine so it would be wrong if I did not share my opinion about it to you all that still not have one.

The PlayStation Vita is the latest handheld/Portable Console experience from PlayStation which brings PS3 gaming for on the go.
The front and back touch give new spin to the gameplay of many games and makes the menu a easy interface.
The motion controls also give a nice new experience to gaming.
But all of this control stuff can be tested the best for your self with the free game Welcome Park which is already on the Vita the day you get it or try it in a store.
Since I can't explain it my self, you need to feel to understand.
But does the Vita also feel oke in your hands?
Answer, yes but i did had to get used to it since I had to hold it differently (see Photo)

But the main thing i love the most is the freaking OLED screen it just makes stuff look better.
Good example is MotorStorm RC even wen you play it on a smaller screen it still looks Beautiful compared the PS3 version on a HD TV.
And you can see everything even on a 960x544 resolution which is amazing.

The Vita also has a front and back camera and nice Photo vita app for it.
But sadly even when the camera works and looks oke
The camera and gallery in the Photo vita app are limited which is a shame.
I can only take photos and film but I can't adjust anything for lighting and focus.
And the gallery is also limited to standard folders.
All, Date created, Photos and ScreenShots.
But the last option is a great addition to make screenshots any where on the Vita and share it with friends or the world.
Which I have liked a lot, since its so easy to make one by clicking home and start at the same time then pause click home button and share on any Social vita app or Messaging vita app.

The vita also has some weak spots in the speakers.
Even when they sound okay, if you want to feel every beat you should get a good headset for the full experience.
The last thing i dislike is the battery life.
Okay I understand why its not that long because the vita needs juice for all that power its showing us.
But luckily the OLED screen is not that battery consuming compared to all the other screens on phones or other portable devices.
So that's a plus.
But as always just carry around an extra cable and portable battery and there should be no problem.

A major plus is that I can get games from the PSN store so easy like I could on the PS3.
Get Trophies and chat with other PSN users or find them all on one portable machine just makes me smile.
Its all the stuff i wanted on my PSP but did not yet have.

Now there are also people that use multiple PSN accounts and want this also on the Vita but i can understand why PlayStation decided to not add it.
Okay its a shame for the people with multiple PSN accounts but I personally think it was meant for 1 person only.

Closing comment:
Oke the PSVita is pricey but I have had the Vita only for almost a Month and so far and I am in LOVE!!
You have so much power in my hands which allows you to play PS3 games on the go or PSVita games with unique controls making Mobile game less interesting for on the go.
Photos are good but if you really want to make some photos you should get a real camera.
Chatting using PSN messaging or Skype is great no more words needed.
(For all the trophy whores) it has Trophies YEAH!

Thx for reading and share your opinions down here and i will try to respond to you all.

18 June 2012

Thoughts of The Last of Us

Like many I also look forward to the release of The Last of Us.
As I have heard so far I think it would be a mature and darker version of Uncharted with the feeling that every bullet counts, like we also had in Dead Space.
Now as I have seen so far from the screens and trailers I think that this game will look amazing compared to all the games we have seen so far.
So I have high hopes for this game.
But the only thing I can not put my opinion on yet is the story.

We all know that it takes place in a world that is hit by a mushroom like virus and that there are still safe zones but Joe takes Elie out of one of those safe zones to somewhere we don't know about yet.
And that they will fight with other humans and the Mushroom monsters on the road to there destination.
Now so far this game sounds amazing and the uncharted games are also great so I am getting it for sure.

How about you all?
Again leave a comment if have also some thoughts and till the next blog :D