22 June 2012

Gravity Rush Thoughts

Gravity Rush is one of the games I wanted before I could play it or even own a PSVita. (I bought one less than a month ago)
I love its world and story but i do agree that the combat can be sometimes repetitive and frustrating, but this is quickly ignored by everything else the game has to give. I really enjoy treversing the city using my gravity powers and it is interresting talking to people around the city of Heksville and completing challenges.
The story can be completed in only a few days, but this is also because i just wanted to explore and learn more about the story so much that it sucked me in and wanted to continue exploring, sadly the story left me with enough questions for a Gravity Rush 2.
The world is beautiful even wen the draw distance could have been better but i think it gives it a unique feel to the world.
I think that Gravity Rush is not the game for showing of the power of the Vita but it is a beautiful, technically impressive and a charming and that is really fun and must get for a vita user.

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