27 December 2014

Playstation TV Review

Playstation TV standing

Also known as PSVita TV Review

The Playstation TV is the way to play your favorite PSVita and Playstation classic's on the tv.
Or use it as an add-on device for the PS4 to continue playing in different room if you're banished from the other one.

While this sound great, sadly the PSTV is not perfect.
There are enough games that have yet to get PSTV support.
And if you're new to the PSVita environment don't expect to play Gravity Rush or Tearaway on the PSTV.
The PSTV only support games for the PSVita that don't use or barely use the touch options of the PSVita.

There are allot of things that the PSTV could support but isn't getting for now.
One of those options is to play WipEout 2048 on the PSTV.
While I understand that WipEout 2048 has motion controls.
They don't need be there to play WipEout 2048 on the PSTV.
Games like Olli Olli don't even have proper menu controls and require the use of the R3 of the Dualshock 3 and 4 or the use of the Dualshock 4 touch pad to be played.
So please Playstation make WipEout 2048 available to the PSTV because it would look awesome on the tv.
Also allot of video service are not yet supported on the PSTV.
And it makes no sense why there not compatible.

But enough about the games and apps that don't work on the PSTV.
Let talk about the stuff that the PSTV is supporting and if it is is worth your money.

TV and playstation tv
The PSTV is available for only €99.
Which is nice price except next to this price you still have to get a few other things like a controller (€50) and a memory card (8gb = €20). 
Which makes your total around 169 euros.
This still a nice price but still expensive for a micro console.

The PSTV work great as an add-on for the PS4 as long it is on the same network.
I noticed no lag when playing via remote play when I was on my home network with both device.
There is some quality loss if any of the 2 device is connected via Wi-Fi.
So my advice is to connect both to LAN for the best experience.

photo of the pstv and a screen from my remote play on the ps4
Me trying out the PSTV on a PC screen
As a standalone device the PSTV has some issues.
The UI is just not build for the tv.
And I hope in the future the PSTV will get a similar UI as the PS4.
While it controls okay it just felt more work getting through my PSTV compared my PSVita.

There is no separate login for the PSTV and the PSVita.
When I login on one the other one logs out.
And all because the PSTV is recognized as a PSVita by the PSN and not as a different device.

Spelunky battle mode
so much fun
and now on a small box named the PSTV
Many PSVita games on the PSTV look not that good or even bad on the tv.
And should have been given a HD upgrade for there PSTV version.
But some titles really standout for doing it completely right and are a good reason to have just for the PSTV.
Titles like Spelunky and Guacamele work just like there PS3 versions and can even be played with more than just one person given the PSTV a couch multiplayer experience.
(Guacamele only recently joined the option to play the game with more than one person for the PSTV, read more about it here)
Persona 4 Golden and Killzone Mercenary stand out for just looking good on the tv.
And I have to admit watching the opening of Persona 4 Golden on a tv is so much better than on the PSVita.
And I freaking love to watch it on my PSVita.

Playstation classics were made for the tv.
So having a new way to put them there feels only logical.
I never had a issue with PSP and Playstation classics looking pixel like on there original console.
So why should I bother now with it.
Playstation classics like Crash Bandicoot or MediEvil look great on the PSTV.

Setting up the PSTV is really easy.
And I also found it really easy to take it with me so I can play games with a friend on the PSTV at there house.
Sadly there not much support for couch multiplayer games on the PSTV for now.
So the PSTV is forced to act as an ad-hoc multiplayer console.
I have played many games via my PSVita and PSTV using the same account for ad-hoc.
This works just like as two PSVita's or PSP would.

So putting everything together the PSTV is a good option to have but it just lacks the support to many good PSVita titles that could work on the PSTV.
I found the PSTV a good excuse to have as second console for at my parents home.
And the price was not to expensive.
Sadly the support for the PSTV by Playstation is just a instruction page and a big list that shows what games are supported in your region for the PSTV.
It would be nice if Playstation made a separate category in the PSN for the PSTV supported games.
And a sub category for games that support couch multiplayer for the PSTV.

The PSTV just needs time and love.
Because this console is a great alternative.

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