16 September 2012

Escaping the Walkers (The Walking Dead)

Remember the Walking Dead?
Well of course you do, if not you must have lived under a rock.
Now i do know it but i never toke time for it except the game from Telltale Games that takes place in the same world but not with the same characters from the Walking Dead stories.
The game at first looks interesting thanks to its already well now TV series.
But it also looks less interesting sins the game is not the best looking game out there for us to play.
But i had to see if this game was worth my money.
So i tried the Demo but sadly the Demo showed not much to convince me.
I hoped to get some opinions from game websites.
And most said that this is game with a great story but not that much action in it.
So the mainstream zombie game players would not like it but the more adventurous gamer's will love it.
I agree completely.
The first episode already sucked me in.
And the 2 episode is even better then the first.
I am happy that i bought the Season Pass instead separate episodes.
Sins it is totally worth your money.
Also i am happy that Telltale Games brings this game like a sort TV series
Sins the wait makes the next episode more exciting.
Even if this game has chooses which make the experience different for each player.
The game's chooses are not to much a influence to the story except the people that will live another day.

Like a good story, want a easy platinum or do you like adventure games then this is must on your list even if the game does not look great and some invisible walls exist but easily ignored by its story.
Share me your opinions down here but plz no spoilers
Thx for reading and till next time.

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