02 August 2012

LBP Karting Beta experience

The Little Big Planet Karting Beta has ended.
But the time i had the chance to play it was wonderful, even wen i had not much time for it.

The game surprised me how well it worked and that it still felt so much like a Little Big Planet game.
It has many customization options and also a nice set of vehicles that felt different but where no different from any other type in speed or grip.
The level editor looked like the one from Modnation racers but more free to edit and move around through.

Well i wont talk more about it sins i am just like you waiting for the release of Little Big Planet Karting for my PS3.
But sins i love to use wallpapers of a game that still needs to be released i made 3 wallpaper of the only 2 screenshot i made.
enjoy them for your personal use and plz fav them on DeviantArt that would be really appreciated

LBP Karting Beta Wallpaper for PS3 and PC (1920x1080)
PSVita Paper LBP Karting Beta 01 for PSVita (960x544)
PSVita Paper LBP Karting Beta 02 for PSVita (960x544)

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  1. There are a number of challenging paintball tracks to test your driving skills to the max and two racing modes: tournament and quick race.