01 July 2012

Gravity Rush Review

Gravity Rush is one of those game titles I wanted before I even had a PSVita.
Now I love the story its deep, interesting and Fun, but and at the end of it you will still have questions left to ask and wishing for more answers of Gravity Rush. 

You play as the character Kat who can control gravity thanks to her strange cat Dusty who wakes up in a floating city named Heksville.
This city is attacked by gravity storms which pulls away pieces from the city and is also attacked by strange black creatures who are called Nevi.
Kat tries to help the city and also tries answer who she is.

The controls of Gravity Rush work really nice.
its easy to shift from the ground into a wall of fly around by shooting yourself in a direction.
The only moment when the controls start to have issues is in air combat.
On the ground it just clicking the square button and hit their weak spots.
But in air it will shoot you at a direction and you have to hit them on their weak spots, but you will a miss a few times with the more agile Nevi.

Which can be frustrating sometimes, but this was not a big issue for me since I quickly learned to stop in mid air attack and re-attack to make a hit and yes does less damage but its a hit and that's what counts.
Also when traversing the air in Gravity Rush you sometimes you will lose your sense direction where the ground is, this can be quickly restored by pressing the down button.
But this happens rarely so don't worry about it to much.
So the controls or not that bad as i have read on other sites but it does need some learning to make a advantage of the less accurate air attacks.

The open world is fun to explore finding strange crystal to gather for your skills so that you can upgrade them or people that talk about the world or about story's that are related to your story.
Also the world is full of challenge missions that are fun to beat and add a more difficulty to the game.

The environment is beautiful even when this game is not top notch in graphics it is still unique in how it shows the environment and even when the draw distance is not that good it is is ignored when playing the game.

The missions are a nice touch to the game making it interesting to test your skills for the gold rank and vs the world.
Now that is the funny thing the game is completely offline expect for the mission high score.
Its nice to have warp gates to make fast traveling available but I sometimes rather travel by myself since it is so much fun moving against the laws of nature.
Sadly there almost no one that talks about the Soundtrack from Gravity Rush which is really enjoyable to hear when traveling through the game.
And is Super great with the intro that you should watch your self to understand.

Now I have enjoyed this game alot and I will continue with more DLC coming to this game.
If I must rate this game with a score I would give it a solid 9 out of 10.

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