30 May 2014

Back yet again with an update

With the latest redesign of my blog I also plan to change a few things for You and me.

First for the design I have changed back to a custom look with a new shiny banner to make it look even better and more me.

Tell me you're thoughts and share to me why you like it or hate it.

As far for the thing that matters the most, The Articles.
I have chosen to be more committed to the blog.
Not only random social message announcing a new blog articles that sometimes pops up.
But also some planed articles that will be focused certain topics.
  • First I will do a grammar check on old articles.
    Focused on words like; sins (should be since) and more.
    As for sentences I wont correct them.
    I find this to much work and if I would do it, I would rather re-write the complete article.
  • The Second thing will be a monthly article call "What have I played".
    It will feature everything have played in that month (quite obvious from the title :P).
    I will discus my opinions and experience in a non spoiler way.
  • The Third will the planned articles, that will be joining us soon via menu.
I want to keep this blog active and fresh.
But I am like many a busy man and need also time to game in order to contribute to this blog.

Any suggestions are always welcome. 
And my blog articles can also be found on MyIGN and Pinterest.

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