05 June 2014

No more Heroes, No more Puzzles either, Road Map & Trophy Guide

Road Map

Okay I know there is not much to do wrong in this game or to miss but a few things I am going to share might help you.

- First don't use any items until stage 8, stage 8.8 is going to be a pain in the ass.
- Play the tutorial it might help you understand the game more.
- Fusion your monsters with the right hero and the lowest level of that hero.
- Get the paid pack (9) or buy the bottomless pack through the game (5), waiting to play a match will be a pain in the ass and time wasting since this game will require lots of time.

First lets get the easy trophies out of the way.
right from the menu is the secret code that your would normally only get when you beat stage 8.8.
Press the Right and Left trigger repeatedly until the trophy pops.
- The Cool Army Code
Play a stage and created a new monster earn 2 trophies.
- Combo: first blood
- It's Alive
If you know some one that also owns a vita, get the Ad-Hoc trophy out of the way two.
- Villainy Loves Company
The remaining trophies you have to play until you get them, there time consuming but the first few stages will be easy so you don't need help there.

Now for a good start always put the high rate diggers heroes in your mine first then replace them if needed for a fusion but alway replace them with the same dig rank.

Use heroes always to create a new monsters, never to level your monsters.
Keep the heroes that are harder to get.
You want have them for later to create special monsters.
Chart of how hard to get certain heroes

Try to make monsters with certain effects;
- Poison: Damage over time
- Sleep: Prevents the hero of attacking
- Paralyse: Prevents the hero of attacking
- Nutritious: Creates sparkling blocks (at least one monster in you're party should have this effect)
For the Fusion chart look at the end of the trophy list

A good play tips; 
Be quick.
- Create monsters without focusing on one.
- It's ok to try to get the dragon but never focus on it.
Keep the field full of choices, if not it will kill you and your combo bar, also a reason to own a nutritious monster in your team.
Create a tower so that a stream of combos will happen when you move something below.

Tips for Stage 8.8
- Have at least 1or2 dragon eggs for the boss hero.
- 1 time rewind, also for the boss.
- A team with the attack strength of 300 or more including special effects.
- Nutritious monster.
- Luck lots of it.

Main Trophies

Numberer of the Beast (Silver)
Complete the Monsterpedia
One of the more time consuming trophies that requires your to get all monsters via fusion or the mine.
Know Your Enemy (Silver)
Complete the Heopedia
One of the more time consuming trophies that requires your to get all Heroes.
You have to simply repeat every stage and get all heroes for it.
Something I Eight (Silver)
Complete Stage 8-8
Pretty much every stage can be beaten with raw power but as you play the last stages of 7 and all stage in 8 (also the secret stage) you notice certain resistance from boss heroes that have weird block block patterns that make it hard to form a fist and win.
These stages require more tactic's and items that can be only obtained via the mine.
Seventh Heaven (Bronze)
Complete Stage 7-8
See Something I Eight for info.
Six of the Best (Bronze)
Complete Stage 6-8
See Something I Eight for info.
High Five! (Bronze)
Complete Stage 5-8
See Something I Eight for info.
All Fours (Bronze)
Complete Stage 4-8
See Something I Eight for info.
Easy Threesy (Bronze)
Complete Stage 3-8
See Something I Eight for info.
Two Much Too Young (Bronze)
Complete Stage 2-8
See Something I Eight for info.
Onederbar! (Bronze)
Complete Stage 1-8
See Something I Eight for info.
Villainy Loves Company (Bronze)
Complete a stage collaboratively
Play a stage from the main menu's Ad-Hoc mode with a friend and get this trophy.
It's Alive! (Bronze)
Create your first monster
Pretty much impossible to miss, simply fusion a monster.
Combo: First Blood (Bronze)
Complete your first combo
Pretty much impossible to miss, simply play a stage and get it (tip: if you play the tutorial you will also get it)

Hidden Trophies

STAGE back clear (Silver)
Complete the secret Stage
See Something I Eight for info.
The Cool Army Code (Bronze)
Input the secret command
Press L and R buttons continuously at the start screen.

Fusion Guide

Now I haven't found all monster but I am pretty sure what I need to fusion something new.
Here's is a little help for the multiple choice fusions.

The Slime and Lizard as example are based in this way;
Normal - Knight Hero
Special - Wizard Hero
Brute - Monk Hero
Hunter - Ninja Hero

Many more use the same system. 
Only a few other monsters use an different basic hero but always have the Brute and Hunter class option.
So you just have to find out the special.

Any Questions or Comments leave them here.