18 June 2012

Thoughts of The Last of Us

Like many I also look forward to the release of The Last of Us.
As I have heard so far I think it would be a mature and darker version of Uncharted with the feeling that every bullet counts, like we also had in Dead Space.
Now as I have seen so far from the screens and trailers I think that this game will look amazing compared to all the games we have seen so far.
So I have high hopes for this game.
But the only thing I can not put my opinion on yet is the story.

We all know that it takes place in a world that is hit by a mushroom like virus and that there are still safe zones but Joe takes Elie out of one of those safe zones to somewhere we don't know about yet.
And that they will fight with other humans and the Mushroom monsters on the road to there destination.
Now so far this game sounds amazing and the uncharted games are also great so I am getting it for sure.

How about you all?
Again leave a comment if have also some thoughts and till the next blog :D

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