18 May 2012

My thoughts on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal

Now like many PlayStation 3 owners I am really happy with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale coming to our PS3.
But I can't stop to wonder how it plays and what PlayStation characters will be in it.
Although I have seen some screenshots and gameplay videos I want to know more about.
Damn Sony is doing a great job with teasing us.
Now for the current characters I am happy to see them, although I expected Kratos to be in it.
But comander Radec YES! sooo happy to see this bad ass Killzone character in it.

Now I would like to say like many what characters I would like to see in it.
- Ethan Mars: wy him, now i think it would be totally awesome to see him scream for Jason as a intro to the battle and i would have no idea what moves to give him
But it It's an open option.
This discussion was also held in the in the episode 237 of Podcast Beyond Link to the IGN podcast Beyond! page
- Loco Roco: wy this yellow blob, well it would be a nice add next to all the more serious characters.
- Mega Man: although he is not a 1st party character it would be nice to see him in it as well.
Now i am going to quit here before making this big list.

Also sooo hyped for this leave a comment here what you think of this upcoming game and what you would like to see.
But keep it short :P

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