24 March 2012

Introduction to my blog

Welcome to my gaming blog.
Before I start sharing my thoughts on games and review them I first want say a few things.
I have never really have taken the time to do this since I never had the time for this so when I make a grammatical mistake or any of you readers have tips for me.
Or even want to share your thoughts plz do so by commenting here.

This blog is found here and will also be posted on my IGN's blog

I will mostly share my experiences here but when I am in the mood I will also try to add a review.
Those reviews will be here and on game sites I am also on, So if you like to read it there instead you should follow me there instead.
I hope you all enjoy the stuff I share with you all.

Last note, I will try to post a review once a week and if you like me to review a game plz also comment here.

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