30 September 2014

Monthly Look Back (September,2014)

This month was nice.
I had allot of time to play some games next to my work, including the beta for The Witcher Battle Arena.

I also added Smartphone games to the Monthly Look Back.
Although I don't really play that much games on my Phone, nonetheless I wanted to add them to the list.

Most Android games these days also have achievements.
So the are also new to this list in a counter view instead a procentig.

As always enjoy list.

Crysis 3 (PS3) 100% - 31%
I really liked Crysis 2 but Crysis 3 felt like a dull experiences.
It was entertaining to shoot stuff and it got better as I progressed but it still felt like dull experience.

Don't get wrong, Crysis 3 is a good game and looks nice but it didn't bring something special to the table.

WipEout 2048 (PSVita) 100% - 46%

Lone Survivor (PSVita) 100% 37%
Now this game started soooo weird and mysterious that I was hooked to this game until I finished it.
The Lone Survivor felt like a 8bit horror game with a mental problem.

Although this game was a fun experience, I never felt the need to play it again and again to see all the endings the game overed.

Angry Birds Stella (Android) 36% 8 / 31
Looks girly, yes most definitely.
But if you look past that this new angry bird game offers a nice spin to the basic angry bird games.
Having a second interaction after I shot a bird felt fresh and satisfyingly fun.

I would recommend anyone just to try it out.

God of War II (PSVita) 100% - 91%
Back in the shoes of Kratos felt great.
No lag compared to the remote play version of the PS3.
And looks great even for a 7 year old game and on top of that I had a blast playing and killing again.

Also, damn when I was done I felt the need to boot up my PS3 and just continue with God of War 3.
I didn't, but maybe should have.

The Witcher Battle Arena (beta) (Android)
I am not new to Moba's (ARTS) but I was new to the mobile Moba.
Never played a Moba on mobile device but was surprised by how smooth The Witcher Battle Arena played.
It felt different from games like LOL.
And It was just me and my team vs a opposing team.

For now I am just going to keep testing but one wish I do have for this game is more complex maps.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3) 100% - 50%

MURAMASA REBIRTH (PSVita) 100% - 52%

Dragon's Crown (PSVita) 10% 5%

God of War (PSVita) 100% 82%

Green % are story,  Purple % are trophy/achievements (android games are in  X / X view).

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