24 September 2012

God of War Experience

Now I have been busy catching up to allot of games that i missed for many reasons.
One of those titles is God of War 1,2 and 3.
I have played the PSP games Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, and now in a few weeks 1 and 2 as well.
Currently busy with 3 but i wanted to share already my opinion of this Brutal game.
My Journey through God of War started with Chains of Olympus.
I loved the demo and had to get the game.
The first PSP game looked the same as the 2de God of War and comes with a interesting story that connects with the main story, like how Atlas got there and wy is mad and wy Hades hates you for killing his wife Persephone and wy you killed here in the first place.
But i did it more just for the gameplay.
I was sick of all those RPG's and wanted to just hack and slash on my PSP.
And it was really fun being the most bad ass Spartan of the world and feel Brutal even on Very Hard difficulty.

Ghost of Sparta is also interesting but was less interesting.
For me at that time sins i already had something els to focus on.
But still I made some time just for the story.
Now between 1, 2 and 3 is a huge gape sins was more interested in other games.
But i did played the God of War 3 E3 demo in 2010 wich was really fun and made it interesting to try to get the other God of War games.
Now back in 2012, 1 month from now i have picked up 1 and 2 for the PS3 in HD and started to play them just for the story and Trophies :P
1 felt old but was fun although i missed some combat stuff from newer titles.
But there where also some story things i found weird.
Wy is Madusa in a city as little bit thougher common enamy, wen here fat sisters Euriale in Gow2 has here own temple, weird he?
But the main story in Gow1 is Oke.
GoW2 felt better in every aspect compared to Gow1,
And felt sooo good but a few days ago i got GoW3 and wow.
I remembered the E3 Demo but playing it 2 years later still amazed me.

Now playing GoW3 and looking back the fantastic time i have had with this universe i have now no regrets that i continued with this game title after the 2 PSP games.
And i am totally looking forward to God of War Ascension
Wondering how the Multiplayer will turn out.
And how freaking well Kratos will look now.
Hoping the story will be good but i have total fate that will turn out well.
He did you all also enjoyed this game as much as i do, plz tell me what you think and what is the most Brutal kill from Kratos here in the comments or on my Google+ or Twitter.