16 October 2012

Retail VS Digital games

As many game sites say and as i also notice from my friend and people i know.
People are scared of Digital games but wy sould the be?
So i decided to make a list of + and - from Digital compared to Retail games.
1. Price
This is a hard one sins can change but overall Retail will win this one for a few reasons.
First is the fact that if you take the time to search you will find a store that sells it cheaper.
But there are also some minuses as well.
A game that is brand new will be mostly the same price.
But the win will go to Retail for being the cheaper one although it should be reversed in my opinion sins Digital thouse not need a package and a disk.
Win: Retail
2. Easier to take with you
Well depends on the situation but overall Digital will win sins its super easy to log in and download and continue at a Friends console.
But if a internet connection is not present Retail is handy.
But then you have to carry stuff.
Win: Digital
3. Easier to loss or break
Well this is another win for Digital.
Well no disc everything is stored on a cloud record under your account.
But as we all know still can loss your account if you don't secure it with a good password.
And connect it with plugins that have a bad security.
But this something that depends on the online story you use.
So always read the terms and information first.
Back to Retail, it may break, get scratches or the game maybe broken.
This can be all fixed if it was Digital.
Again this depends on the Digital store you use.
Some companies want to do everything to please the consumer by refunding them or giving you a new copy.
This may also be done for Retail but this depends on the help desk and the company behind it.
Win: Digital
4. The feeling of owning it
Well this short answer and a logical one.
We love to hold a box that shows others how awesome your collection is.
This can not be done with Digital so you own it but dont have the same feeling we have with Retail.
Thankfully we are moving slowly on the way that we buy a box with a code for the game on a Digital store.
I hope this will be done more in the future.
Win: Retail
5. Games that have no chance on the Retail Market but do on Digital store
Thanks to Digital stores game makers can make smaller games that are lower in price that would be able to sell well on the Retail side.
Only big game titles these days survive on the Retail market.
So Indie Games and low budget games go Digital and do really well on it.
This means you can get a pack of really good games for the price that would be worth of a well known game.
So this is a win for Digital sins you can get more games for your money.
Win: Digital
I am going to quite here say don't fear Digital and try it your self and then decide for your self.
Also need help with a Digital Store or Finding cheap Games at a Retail Store Google it there are many people out there that want to help YOU!
Also share your opinion here, i would love to hear it.

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