20 December 2014

Pix the Cat Review

The return of games that feel and play like arcade games but are fresh and new at the same time made me a happy gamer.

One title that also fit this bill is Pix the Cat.
Pix the Cat is a mixture of pacman and snake.

Screenshot of Pix the Cat
easy perfect 
The gameplay is pretty straight forward and repetitive but nonetheless this works and is fun.
The main game is a arcade version that has 3 modes that act as difficulty levels of the arcade mode.
The gameplay revolves on getting a better high score by collecting ducks and getting deeper in to the stage.
The first mode (beginner) and is unlocked from the start.
The other modes need to be unlocked via a certain goal that mostly involves getting a better high score.

Beside arcade there is a puzzle mode (labs) which involves solving puzzles in the Pix the Cat style.
There is also a mode which I sadly haven't unlocked yet that involves speed run mode (nostalgia) which requires to complete a stage with a time frame.
And all in a classical style.

Pix the Cat Battle Mode
There is one more mode that should also be on the Vita version of Pix the Cat.
And thats Battle mode.
Battle mode is great and sooo addicting to play.
I have played it with sadly only one other player and felt that it needed more chaos.
That moment when you're about to crush an opponent with a dash so sativing that it never gets old.

The game moves well on the PS4 and PSVita.
With no delay on the PSVita version.
Sadly the PSVita Tv version Has more delay than the PS4.
So much even that it is noticeable and makes playing it on the PSVita Tv less enjoyable.
Even makes it irritating because this game requires absolute precision for a good score.

The game sadly also has no cross-save option.
I had to complete the lab levels twice to get myself a nice shiny silver trophy.
While I had no problem doing it all again a second time I would like to have this option.

Pix the Cat is great at its core but lack certain features and battle mode on the PSVita.
Nonetheless this game is fun and truly a game to play as a break from any other game.

I would advise anyone to pick this game up and give it a try.

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