30 December 2012

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

I have PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale since it its release here in the EU and I have used most of my time playing it because it is more fun how more I play it.

Like many I had the chance to play the closed beta on my Vita with a selection of a few characters.
During that time there were many game events that had this game to play.
I sadly was at none of them but I did had the chance to keep track of all the character rumors and news.
Making me more looking forward to get it and play it till my controller would break.

As I waited the open beta showed up for plus users and a week later for everyone during that time I could enjoy a little more of it before its release.

But now I have seen the final product do i still like it?
Yes i am happy with the result.
I still played it although I got all trophies on the Vita only need a good internet connection and also for the PS3.
The challenges keep me busy when there is no internet but the second I have internet and bam! I am online beating other people up (or get my ass kicked).

Is it like Super Smash Bros?
No it looks similar but its not that case.
  • In Smash you tried to ring a opponent by beating him/her up as much that the fly or fall of the stage.
  • In All-Stars you build up a meter to get super of kill move that kill your opponent and score with this.
The idea is almost the same since you need to play smart so that you kick and punch more than your opponent but in All-Stars the super/kill move needs also skill.
So if you play smart and know that your opponent has super/kill move and know how to evade this then his/her move was wasted.
Of course the meter thus not only build up to 1 bar but up to 3.
There 3 types of super/kill move, this different per character but even if the characters are so different the game is still balanced.

The stages in All-Stars are more diverse then Smash.
  • In Smash you will always play the same matches and all the moving hazard in the stage will be timed at the same time over and over.
  • In All-Stars the stages are never the same, sometimes the Resistance stage is pulled up faster in the time of the match and more bubbles are shot by the droid or 1 of the 2 or reversed. Also the stages are made of 2 franchises instead of 1.

Local multiplayer is fun but online is even more fun.
If I am with 2 friends but need an extra player I can easily add online player to the match through my own game or in the online ranked or unranked matches.

And even if there roster is only 20 characters big now the list will probably grow as the makers of the game do listen to their audience.
Where getting Kat (Gravity Rush) and Emmett Graves (Starhawk) in January and lets hope more will come not just stages and characters but also modes and more customization to Versus Matches.
And a 1 on 1 for online matches.
Emmet and Kat

and the new stage.

Heavenly Sword mixed with Wipeout
Well saying it again but i am really happy that we PlayStation Fans have this brawler and have solid and fun product.
If you want to have a match with me find me on the PSN under the name GrimLink
Let me hear what you think of this game in the comments below.

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