14 February 2014

Hands on with Ys: Memories of Celceta

While many of us need to wait for it's official release here in the EU I have already picked up the US version of Ys: Memories of Celceta.
This not how I normally buy games, because I wait for the EU releases of a game.
A good reason is in most cases DLC that gets released for a game.
As for Ys: Memories of Celceta I am pretty certain that there won't be any DLC in the future and I couldn't help my self to get the collectors edition aka silver edition that was available in a game shop in Groningen (NL).

God I love a good collectors edition.

but you're not here reading me ramble about how I love collectors editions, so il cut it to the case.

Ys: Memories of Celceta starts kind of slow with a small tutorial of how some stuff works but after that I am free.
Now I personally think that Ys: Memories of Celceta looks good but I must admit it isn't the best looking game on the Vita.
It's graphical level can be compared with Ys: Seven on the PSP.
Now as for map size I am also pleased, its not big but it does give me the feeling that it is.
This Screenshot is one of the many moments when I see how big the world is
As for combat Ys never fails me.
It fun to hack and slash but I love the harder monsters that require some timing and better understanding of the combat mechanics.
I highly advice you to challenge you're self with a higher difficulty even when I am not doing this because I am also on the hunt for more trophies.

Now if you are planing to get this game you should try to get the silver edition. 
The art/guide books looks great and is a fantastic piece to have with the game.
It s giving me a nostalgic feeling when it was normal that games where shipped with a miniature guide book next to the game.

I am looking forward to explore more of the game, until that time tell me are you planning to get it? 
Or do you already have it and whats you're opinion so far.

05 February 2014

Sony Pulse Elite Wireless Headset Review

I have been promising that I would review the Pulse Elite after a few blogs that I wanted to write first and now with the the release of a patch on the PS4 for all Sony Pulse headsets I had, no I must write a review on this headset.

Now the first question I ask my self is, why buy the Pulse Elite instead of a another headset and the reason is preferences.
I want a headset that delivers me the option to be portable so I can use it on the go for my Vita or mobile phone but I also wanted the option to use it for voice chat on my PS3.
The Pulse Elite delivers these options because it has two way to connect.
One is via the USB dongle, which is used for the PS3 and other devices that have a USB port.
The other way is via the 3.5mm cable which works pretty much with every mobile device out there on the market.
Now why not get a headset that connects via Bluetooth?
The reason is pretty simple but is supported by other functions this headset gives.
The main reason is that there is no wireless headset out there that I know of that uses bluetooth and has a internal microphone.
And I have to also say there are not much headsets available that included a internal microphone.
But in my opinion there is nothing wrong with a headset that uses two ways to connect to a device.
For both options you don't need to instal programs to run this headset on you're device and for the 3.5mm connection you don't even need to have the power of this headset on.

Now on the web site of Sony it's stated that not all functions work with the both connection types on devices other than PS3.
I suspect that the PS4's 1.60 update adds all functions of the Pulse Headset's that are available but I can not confirm this.
Nonetheless the Pulse Elite deliver a great audio experience even with power off.
This also thanks to the inside shape being slightly tilted, which causes my ear to have a more comfortable feel but also enhances the stereo effect.
As for comfort this headset is kind of heavy which causes a uncomfortable effect after a period of use.
This for me after a use of around 4 or 5 hours of use in one session.
So if you only play games for 3 hours straight you don't have to fear for this disadvantage of this headset.

Now as for the Microphone its great, I sound crystal clear to friends and family.
It was described that I sounded like I was standing next to them.
Now thats wat call quality chatting.
Sadly not all mobile deices work fine with the microphone, I experienced echo with some.
But can't confirm which devices work and which don't.

The 6 months I used this wireless headset I never regretted that I bought Pulse Elite and with the good news that I can also use this with the PS4 it seem I will enjoy this headset even longer.

Yes this time you get a charge cable
with you're headset
If you are reading this and are considering to buy you're self a Pulse wireless headset I would advice you to go for the Elite that I just reviewed or the upcoming standard Pulse PS4 edition, since both deliver you the 7.1 virtual surround sound audio experience.
But if you are on a low budget and/or can wait for the standard Pulse PS4 edition release you will be paying €90 instead of the €160 that I paid for the Pulse Elite.

I have not yet tested my Pulse Elite on a PS4 so if you own a Sony Pulse wireless headset Standard or the Elite and have a PS4 with patch 1.60 installed, please tell me how you experienced it.

For any question on the Pulse Elite feel free to drop them in the comments as well.