30 September 2014

Monthly Look Back (September,2014)

This month was nice.
I had allot of time to play some games next to my work, including the beta for The Witcher Battle Arena.

I also added Smartphone games to the Monthly Look Back.
Although I don't really play that much games on my Phone, nonetheless I wanted to add them to the list.

Most Android games these days also have achievements.
So the are also new to this list in a counter view instead a procentig.

As always enjoy list.

Crysis 3 (PS3) 100% - 31%
I really liked Crysis 2 but Crysis 3 felt like a dull experiences.
It was entertaining to shoot stuff and it got better as I progressed but it still felt like dull experience.

Don't get wrong, Crysis 3 is a good game and looks nice but it didn't bring something special to the table.

WipEout 2048 (PSVita) 100% - 46%

Lone Survivor (PSVita) 100% 37%
Now this game started soooo weird and mysterious that I was hooked to this game until I finished it.
The Lone Survivor felt like a 8bit horror game with a mental problem.

Although this game was a fun experience, I never felt the need to play it again and again to see all the endings the game overed.

Angry Birds Stella (Android) 36% 8 / 31
Looks girly, yes most definitely.
But if you look past that this new angry bird game offers a nice spin to the basic angry bird games.
Having a second interaction after I shot a bird felt fresh and satisfyingly fun.

I would recommend anyone just to try it out.

God of War II (PSVita) 100% - 91%
Back in the shoes of Kratos felt great.
No lag compared to the remote play version of the PS3.
And looks great even for a 7 year old game and on top of that I had a blast playing and killing again.

Also, damn when I was done I felt the need to boot up my PS3 and just continue with God of War 3.
I didn't, but maybe should have.

The Witcher Battle Arena (beta) (Android)
I am not new to Moba's (ARTS) but I was new to the mobile Moba.
Never played a Moba on mobile device but was surprised by how smooth The Witcher Battle Arena played.
It felt different from games like LOL.
And It was just me and my team vs a opposing team.

For now I am just going to keep testing but one wish I do have for this game is more complex maps.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3) 100% - 50%

MURAMASA REBIRTH (PSVita) 100% - 52%

Dragon's Crown (PSVita) 10% 5%

God of War (PSVita) 100% 82%

Green % are story,  Purple % are trophy/achievements (android games are in  X / X view).

21 September 2014

Ni No Kuni Review

A journey I wont forget.

With so many RPG's out there its hard to find the right one.
Since most of them are focused on their battle system that they forget the main reason why people to play them.

What drove me was the world I had to explore and the people that inhabit them.
Sadly most of the modern RPG's are grinding games which I hate because spending hours fighting to get past some bosses didn't feel epic or fun at all.

Ni No Kuni did all the right things, that I wasn't done with it even after I was done with the story.
Every part of the world was a delight to explore and a joy to the eyes that it is hard to explain that a few images will only do it justice for a little bit.

With this world also comes a nice and memorable soundtrack that humes with me when I traverse the world.
It a orchestra type of music so it isn't everyones kind of juice but works well with this game.

The game may scare people away for its kiddy look, even when the games story is really black in some parts.
Especially in the beginning.
This is because of it's art style and the more friendly looking monster that inhabit the world.
It's a noticeable art style to people that may know from Studio Glibly.
This also shows they were involved in this game and it's look.

The game borrows for it's combat system 2 other combat systems.
One is from Tales games and a few more games that use this (not sure who started it).
Which is the option to move in a combat scene while acting.
There other one is Pokemon which involves in fighting with monster that you own.
Both of them work really well together and make for a fun experience.

My gameplay involved a stretched out experience.
Between story parts I always completed all side quests first so that I could enjoy the world more.
This is how normally always play but in Ni No Kuni I would advise anyone to play this way.
Because then you can see the world better and enjoy it inhabitant better.

The side quests are more divers in Ni No Kuni that is isn't just about hunting or gathering quests, but also involves healing peoples hearts.
This is a mayor part of the game but also appears allot in side quest making them feel less side questy, more involving in the world and fun.

As I mentioned before the games story is in some parts black but also really bright for the most part.
And in this game you're not fighting evil with some super strong character, but with a boy that is doing it for different reasons than saving the world.
The allies you get in your team are also enjoyable and feel more deep than some dum support character.

This is a must play in my books and I will mis for sure it after I am done doing the last 2 side quests in this game.

01 September 2014

Monthly Look Back (August,2014)

image by bandxoh on deviantart.com
This month may look really packed but that isn't true.
I was at a Lan-Party of a friend and as result he wanted to see a few games on my PS4.

Nonetheless enjoy list.

Ni No Kuni (PS3) 100% 47%
I have sooo many things to say about this game that this blog article won't do it justice.
So I decided that I have, no must do review on Ni No Kuni.

Let say that the mix of a good story and 2 great elements, from 2 other well known games make a great game.
The only thing you have to look past is its more childish look.
It more mature than it looks.

These past weeks have been a blast finishing Ni No Kuni's story.
I am now currently rounding things up and enjoying the world.

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (PS4, PSVita) 10% 8%

The Walking Dead: Season 2 (PS3) 100% 100%
O god what a ending.
I am sooo looking forward to a season 3.

This episode had so much choices, that I felt the need to check them out.
I wonder how much people did the same :P

Sound Shapes (PS4, PS3, PSVita) 100% 100%
Just rounding up the new DLC and putting my trophy percentage back to 100%

Puppeteer (PS3) 100% 100%
Although I liked playing this game, at the end of it all I must say that didn't like it as much as I did.
It was enjoyable but not memorable.

Puppeteer really felt like a bedtime story and would be a great game for a parent and child.
This is a platformer I won't recommend to anyone except for those that seek a game like this.

Outlast (PS4) 0% 0%
Okay lets say that I am glad to have found a game that is creepy as hell.
But a word of advice don't play this game when you have 2 screaming friends next to you and there is no light on.
Because that makes outlast really CREEPY!

Trine 2: Complete Story (PS4) 10% 4%


Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (PS4) 10% 0%

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (PS4) 15% 4%

Contrast (PS3) 100% 100%
Contrast was a really interesting short game.
It was kind of predictable in the story part.
But the platforming using shadows was really interesting.

Transistor (PS4) 100% 100%
This game is beautiful and sad at the same time.

Transistor did have really complex way of telling the story.
So complex that I had the need to play the game again.
The combat can feel repetitive but this can be avoided when using diffrent styles.
Also the beach door levels are damn hard.
I still scream in my head for the time trial level.

WipEout 2048 (PSVita) 100% 44%
It still makes me sad that the studio that makes Wipeout games is no more.
But I am glad that there still people playing the multiplayer.

I also Succeed in completing the 10th online stage which gave me a nice shiny silver trophy.

Everybody's Golf (PSVita) 20% 4%

Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4) 100% 44%

God of War (PSVita) 35% 18%

Green % are story,  Purple % are trophy.