01 May 2013

GUACAMELEE! the experience

If there are a few games you MUST play on your Vita then this one should be on that list.
Guacamelee is a special game that has the retro save the princess in a Mexican style.
And it works.
But how is the game play
It good and really fun.
The combo system is easy to learn and to use for combat.
Although i used most times just punching and throwing to do my bidding.
Only wen i needed to i used some special moves to make a group of enemies get knocked over.
Its also nice to see that you can use your combat moves for reaching areas.
That would not be able to reach with normal jumping.

The game also looks really nice.
Its more of a drawn style but it works really well for this game.
Also this game is full of references to other well known games and some miscellaneous stuff.
Which i find really amusing.


The game is fun and was for me only a little challenging.
Only the bosses and some parts in dungeons that required precise timing and we'll use of jumping.
kept me really busy.
The Orb Dungeons are probably the places that took me the most time to complete.

I played Guacamelee only on the Vita but it also works fine on the PS3.
The cross controller function is a really neat optional functions.
And i would love to see more games do this.
There is a little need to know, how to set one up.
But the official Guacamelee site explains it all.
-> Link FAQ

I hope to see more game like Guacamelee in the future.
Especially for the Vita.

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