05 July 2013

Guacamelee DLC Review

With Guacamelee out for some time DrinkBox now has released their first DLC for Guacamelee.
While this DLC those not include much it is a fun pack indeed and a good reason for another playthrough of the game.
The DLC includes a set of costumes with combat attributes that make the feel and experience of the combat slightly different.

Normally you can only play with Juan or with Tostada if you played on the PS3 version with player 2.
But since the latest patch Vita user could also play with Tostada as player 1.
The only difference between player 1 and 2 versions of Tostada is color.
The original Tostada is pink while the player 1 version is blue.
Also any costumes you use for player 2 are based on Tostada not Juan.
So the difference between player 1 and 2 still exists even after the patch.

The DLC also added 3 new Costumes besides the patch costume.
These costumes have attributes that can make you better of worse in a certain skill.

The DLC comes with the Identity Swap costume which make you stronger with the normal attacks but your throw becomes really weak.
Chicken costume which regenerate health over time.
Skeleton costume which gives you infinite stamina but you can't pick up health orbs.

Personally i would have loved to see more level content instead of this costume pack still it is a nice touch.

it was fun to be back for some more Guacamelee but way too short experience for me.
I only had some nice challenging fun with the third column in the Caverna del Pollo while wearing the Skeleton costume.

So why should I buy this DLC if it is just some costumes.
First it’s only €2 which is a nice price for a simple DLC
Sadly the DLC can be finish in only 1 Hour if you are here for just some quick trophies.
Playing with the skeleton costume will make stuff harder and so it brings a new difficulty level for those that had no problem with hard difficulty but want a new challenge.
Stupid fun for just playing again though the game.
A reason for another playthrough.