18 July 2013

PSVita wallpaper Designs

Lately i have been not that active with making wallpapers for my favorite portable console.
But i don't feel the need for it.

I have made nice collection in a different way than most Vita wallpapers found on the web.

As you see the two top images are the same and yet so different.
The left is a basic screenshot of MotorStorm Pacific Rift in Vita wallpaper size (960x544).
And works as any wallpaper would do.
But its a overlay on the color full dynamic background that is standard on your Vita.
You won't notice this until you starting to using a wallpaper that has a transparent area on them.
So now for the right one.
This is as i call them PSVita Paper.
Why this name? 
Well i named them the same as what the application image you see when starting a game or app.
And it looks like a piece of paper.

Since all wallpapers are overlays you will now see the nice blue (or any other color) of your basic Vita background next to your wallpaper.
This way the transition of the app/game bubbles is the same as the application image
And i like it ;)
If you would like to try some of my wallpaper go to my DeviantArt page.
And view my Vita wallpaper folder in my gallery.

Tell me your thought about my design. 
And if you have done something cool with your wallpaper design plz also tell. 
I would love to see more variations with PSVita wallpaper design.

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