12 November 2013

Censors and all that other Chitchat

With lately so many talk about for an example;
  • Censors in The Last of Us and other games. 
  • Female characters in games are stereotype.
I decided to share my opinion on this stupid talk.
Now before i start i want to point out this is my opinion so if you don't agree good but don't bitch about it here.

First i want to start on Censors, are the bad or good and how much should we care about their existence.

So some time back there was a discussion on the censor of the EU The Last of Us multiplayer in which the EU version did not have dismemberment and exploding heads, unlike it's US version.
Now when i read this i felt that it was stupid since the game still looks freaking gori in the singleplayer.
So why should the multiplayer not have the same fgore level and why can't we choose the level of gore ourselves.
But at the other hand i was not bothered too much about it unlike most comments i read where people went ape-shit and cryde like baby's (pardon my language :P)
There was not really much reason to any way because the game is still that same and i still freaking love it.
The fun the multiplayer gave me did not get less fun because the gore level.

But there is one thing i do wish and that is that PlayStation will let us choose our own gore level.
Like the parent control function we have as an example.

Do i find censors bad?
Yes i hate censors, there is more gore on a modern horror movie than most games have.
Also germany is great country but there censor rules are fucked up.
We do get to gut centaurs (GoW:ascension) or shoot a crowd of innocent people (COD:MW2) but we can't have exploding heads and body parts flying around us.
That just makes no sense.

Thats mine!!

Now for the 2de topic stereotypes.
As we all know in every country there is a small group of people that complain about something so much that is blown up.
We here in the Netherlands now have this stupid group of people complaining about our traditional festival Sinterklaas.
No idea what i am talking about google it.

Now in the game world we have the discussion about stereotype female characters.
Both Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us had also some mixed comments on this topic.
One GameSpot editor was even was talking how Elie from The Last of Us was stereotype and she managed to piss of allot of people including me for spiting horsshit and trying to justify it.

Now i do agree that most of our female game character are stereotype but i don't care one tiny bit about it.
Is it because i am male?
No, that's just stupid.

Also look at the average female gamers, the don't play my little pony or hannah montana.
The play the same games male gamers play and the probably don't care like the rest of us.
And also probably even find games like my little pony or hannah montana more insulting to female gamers.

It's always that small group that is bothered by stereotype female characters and is crying so hard that it looks like a world topic.
There are even some people that complain about games that try to set both male and female character in more realistic sunlight instead making them stereotype.

Now should female characters be less stereotype?
Yes, but games with stereotype characters should also exist in my opinion.

Now with this all shared what is your opinion?
Share it in the comments below.

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