04 November 2013

Killzone Mercenary Multiplayer Experience

Boom Headshot!!
A console experience on the go, who wouldn't want that.
Even better who wouldn't want a First-Person-Shooter on on the go.
And so after 2 mediocre FPS's on the Vita, Guerilla delivered us a fine and almost console like experience on the go.
And so was my Killzone Mercenary experiences.

I really enjoyed the campaign and how the story linked to Killzone 1 and Killzone 2.
But what kept me the most busy is the Multiplayer of Killzone Mercenary and not because I want the trophies for multiplayer but because I really enjoy playing the multiplayer.
(I do want the trophies btw)
It's weird how my normal play style changed because of this multiplayer.
I started to be more direct and I have adopted the smg/assault rifle as my primary weapon.
It's funny since I act more sneaky and sniper like in Killzone 2 and Killzone 3's multiplayer.
A 4vs4 match is a bit smaller and requires a bit more independence so that you can defend yourself when alone.
Although my overall experience has been great, i do hate it when i join a unbalanced match or a match with only one team.

A major plus point for Killzone Mercenary is the weapon system.
I love how the weapon loadout is the same in the multiplayer and single-player.
So if you're stuck in the single-player for example, you can easily get some cash by playing some matches in the multiplayer and vice versa.
The only difference is that in the single-player you change your gun with a blackjack weapon box and in the multiplayer you get loadout slots to set before getting in a match.

My preferred loadout in Killzone Mercenary is seen below in this image as an example.
And yes it is made for a warzone player, which is my prefered killzone multiplayer type.
For those unknown to killzone, the multiplayer of killzone features mission based team deathmatch (warzone) and normal team deathmatch (guerrilla warfare).
Killzone mercenary also features a normal deathmatch (mercenary warfare) which is new to the Killzone universe.

But back to my loadout, why this choice for a loadout.
Well i like to act strategically to every situation during a match.
The armour is in combination with my van-guard to control the map and force enamay player to hide so that my team can kill them in there own made box.
I choose the STA-52se for more assault like combat and is easy to use for a panic situation.
M80 is my anti air support and anti sniper rivel users gun because it's easy to use its lock-on.
M133 PROX is for those nasty moments to kill people in unexpected moments and can be used for defensive moments as well.
But  even with this nice loadout i am still trying to get used to my old love the STA-14, which i use primarily in Killzone 3.

Overall the match length is good but too long for travel.
I really need to sit down for around 20 to 30 minutes to play one match.
This is not bad but just to long for a normal bus trip.

In the end this is a great experience on the Vita, that any FPS fan should play.

Before i end this Blog article i want to point out that there is a FREE art book of killzone mercenary out on the Vita, so get it now!