30 November 2013

Tearaway Review

Tearaway o Tearaway what have you done to me.
I am so addicted to you that I can't let go of you

MediaMolecule the minds behind the cute and brave sackboy have brought us a new game that is this time set in the world of Tearaway.
It takes the player through this world with new controls that feel at home on the vita.
And while the controls are the major plus point to the game I found that the best thing about Tearaway is that the world becomes slowly a little bit unique to me.
A good example is the face of an character will look like this for the rest of the game for me.
The message at the end will turn unique to you and me depending how we painted our world of Tearaway.
This makes the ending a blast, but I won't spoil the game for you because thats your journey to take.
For all my Photos of Tearaway visit my Me page here -> http://tearaway.me/u/GrimLink
Now as to the controls they are introduced to any Tearaway player in a way so that it doesn't feel like a tutorial.
Hell hack the option to jump is introduced in chapter 2 and thats late but in a good way for this game.
Because of this I had reason to replay the game to see areas that couldn't visit last time.

As so far for the story Tearaway did a great job.
It's not too straightforward by giving it some nice spins but it is a little bit predictable at least.
None the less the world of Tearaway sucked me in making me crave for more.

The combat in the game felt nice but sometimes a little bit too much killing the fib of the exploring.
The  way I can Fight the scrapes evolved a I played but the combat felt the same none the less.
I did hope to see more backtouch combat instead of the dodge and throw tacktick.

Another nice but more gimmicky thing is that you and me can collect actual papercraft models of Tearaway via its photo system and build them via your ME page
I love Tearaway and for this reason i will alway advice any gamer to give this a game a spin.
Now I won't give scores to game in the future for this blog, starting with this game.
I think a verdict and a good and bad will do the trick much better to give you the reader a better impression.

Tearaway succeeded in what it was bould for. making me interested in building my own paper crafts. exploring a world that felt unforgettable. riding pigs. and allowing me to customize the world so that it is a little bit mine.
+ Good
Fun to explore
Lovely Art
Makinging the world a little bit yours.
- Bad
Too short
Sometimes a little bit too much combat