06 December 2013

My Favorite 2013 gaming experiences

With the end of this year closing in I look back at my best 2013 gaming experiences and make a neat top 5 of them.

1. The Last of Us (2013)
It's my favourite game of 2013 so yeah its easy to put it as my number one of the PS3 gaming experiences of 2013.
The Last of Us gave me a great story and an addictive multiplayer that feels new and refreshing compared to all those multiplayers we already have.
2. Beyond: Two Souls (2013)
You can hate or love this game.
I loved it,  and enjoyed every bit of the story even when the game felt less dynamic than Heavy Rain.
3. God of War: Ascension (2013)
Not as great as God of War 3 but still a good experience.
Really liked the story but was not that interested in the Multiplayer that was new to the God of War games.
Looking forward to God of War Ascension
God of War Experience
4. Borderlands 2 (2013)
A good successor to the first game and another reason to put too much hours in just shooting shit.
5. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (2012)
Originally came out at in the 4th quarter of 2012 but I still play this game occasionally when i have a few friends at my home.

1. Tearaway (2013)
I recently shared my opinion on this game here -> Review
But in short, I find this a must have for any Vita user.
2. Guacamelee! (2013)
Another game i find a must have.
Guacamelee delivered me a fun save the princess platformer that used allot of easter eggs in a mexican style.
Guacamelee DLC Review
GUACAMELEE! the experience
3. Killzone: Mercenary (2013)
The Console FPS experience on the go who would want that.
And Killzone Mercenary delivers what Modern Warfare and Resistance fail to do.
Killzone Mercenary Multiplayer Experience
4. Persona 4 Golden (2013)
This remake on the PS2 version came a little later to Europe but was worth the wait for me.
I really love this japanese toned RPG with socializing elements.
5. Dokuro (2013)
This puzzle platformer gave me nice challenge and fun experience.

PS+ (All PlayStation games i have gotten for free)
I made this category because I felt that the soooo many games we get for free with our PS+ subscription deserve a little attention.
1. Metal Gear Solid 3 (PSVita) (2012)
This game comes with Metal Gear Solid HD pack.
Weird but really interesting story.
2. Spec Ops: The Line (PS3) (2012)
Sadly never had the time to get this myself and have forgotten about it so was happy that this came with PS+.
Spec Ops is a fun 3de person shooter with an interestingly dark story.
3. Batman: Arkham City (PS3) (2012)
Only three words I AM BATMAN.
No seriously this is one of the few open world games that I recently played and i really enjoyed.
4. Stealth Inc. (PSVita) (2013)
This mobile game that came to the Vita brought me a serious challenging puzzle platformer.
Loved playing through this game trying to beat all levels and succeed.
5. LittleBigPlanet Karting (PS3) (2012)
While I know that this game is practically ModNation Racers with a LittleBigPlanet skin i still really like this game and have spend a nice amount of time with it.
Also check out my levels

Other Games (PC, Web and Mobile)
I originally wanted separate categories for all none PlayStation games but as I was making this list I noticed that i haven't played much PC, Web and mobile games this year, so i combined all of them in one list.
1. StarCraft2 (PC)
One of the best RTS games out there.
Have been hooked to StarCraft since the first game and love how strategically this RTS is.
2. Super Sync Sports! (Web)
This is a fun internet game made by google that allows one or more players to play a mini game on a PC and use their mobile device as an controller.
My Review 
Play it (need a PC + mobile device)
3. Angry Birds Seasons (SmartPhone)
I find any Angry Birds game fun to play when I have a few seconds to spare but I find Angry Birds Seasons always entertaining because of the themed levels.
4. Rayman Jungle Run (SmartPhone)
This game may be short but i really enjoyed this because it felt and looked like Rayman Origins.
5. Nexus (Chrome app)
This simple puzzle game is perfect when I need to kill some time and challenge my mind.
Download free for Chrome 

Hope you all liked my top list, also what is your top of 2013?